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Hot Stone Massage

Muscle Relaxation:

The heat from the stones helps your muscles relax, allowing the massage therapist to manipulate your deep tissues more effectively. Overly tense muscles can hinder the massage procedure, so if your muscles are extremely tight or stiff, the heated stones may provide the extra relaxation you need for the massage to be beneficial in releasing tension and easing sore muscles.

Releases toxins:

When muscles are massaged, toxins that are clogged within are released. This is why, it's advised that clients drink plenty of water after a session to help flush out those unhealthy and unwanted toxins.

Its Ancient Way of Healing:

Promotes proper circulation of blood:

When used properly Hot-Stone helps in promoting the circulation of blood. When you apply pressure to certain points it helps in activating and opening up the flow of blood in the blood vessels present below the skin. This increase in blood flow helps almost all organs in the body regenerate and perform optimally.

Improve Overall Effectiveness:

Hot stone massages also have been shown to provide pain relief from fibromyalgia, arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. They can decrease pain and muscle spasms, reduce chronic stress and tension and increase join flexibility. Adding a hot stone elementto any massage can improve its overall effectiveness.

Pain Relief:

The hot stones allow the massage therapist to penetrate deeper. A hot stone massage leaves you feeling physically better than a Swedish or deep-tissue massage that does not incorporate heat. It is important to let your massage therapist know if you feel that the heat from the stones is too much or that the pressure he is using is too harsh.

State anxiety:

Massage has been shown to reduce state anxiety, a transient measure of anxiety in a given situation.

Easy Rehabilitation:

"Massage can facilitate easy recovery from injuries such as sprains."

No more stress:

Long working hours, unhealthy eating and not enough exercise can really increase your stress levels. Getting a hot stone massage is a perfect way to reduce stress in your life and to come home feeling relaxed and happy


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