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What is a facial?

Facials usually start by cleansing then analysing your skin type before moving on to the specific treatment. Usually, this will consist of exfoliation, extraction, facial massage, applying a facial mask and then a moisturiser

The benefits of a facial

A good facial will leave your skin looking and feeling radiant and has long-lasting benefits. For example, facial massage can promote lymphatic drainage, which helps to clear your skin and body from toxins and reduce puffiness. Acupressure, a light form of point massage, gets to work on muscles in the face, improves skin tone and helps to defy the ageing process. All facials have the ultimate aim of thoroughly cleaning your skin, unblocking pores and balancing excessively oily and dry patches. Alongside the actual treatment, I will also give you advice on skincare for the long term, helping you to get into a good skincare routine to protect one of the largest organs in the body - your skin!


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Complementary Therapy.

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