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How does Reiki work?

As a Reiki Practitioner Sallyann Waters Complementary Therapy will channel for high-frequency energy. During a Reiki treatment, energy is drawn through the my hands, which are placed in various positions on the body.

As the energy enters the body, it works holistically and will always go to the level (physical, mental or emotional) where it is most needed to restore well-being.

Physically – Reiki’s relaxing effect eases tension, reduces pain and increases the flow of energy within the body, clearing blockages and detoxifying the cells.

Mentally – Reiki brings clarity of thought, improving the concentration and the ability to put issues, challenging situations or life in general into perspective.

Emotionally – Reiki gently brings suppressed emotions to the surface, giving you the confidence to transform limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that have held you back.

Scientific studies have shown that Reiki has positive effects on the immune system and is helpful for reducing blood pressure and relieving pain.


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