Expressed from the peel, Orange Bitter has a fresh, dry, orange scent. Orange Bitter helps maintain a healthy digestive system and is uplifting and cheerful.
Orange Bitter | Latin Name: Citrus aurantium var amara | Family: Rutaceae | Extraction: Expression | Plant Part: Peel
Orange Bitter Essential Oil is a dark yellow-amber oil with a fresh, dry, orange scent with floral undertones.
An evergreen tree growing up to 10 metres high with dark green, oval leaves with long spines. It has a smooth greyish trunk with fragrant white flowers. Its a common fruit tree in the Mediterranean, where the fruit is grown for commercial reasons – alcoholic drinks, sweet flavourings and jam.  The essential oil is generally a by-product of the fruit juice making and so care has to be taken to source organically grown trees.

Orange Bitter Essential Oil

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