Men's Facial Gift Set By Penny Price Aromatherapy includes Black Spruce & Sandalwood Moisturising cream, Black Spruce & Cedar face wash and Black Spruce and Mint After Shave Balm.
This set is perfect for your morning and shaving routine, it will leave you feeling fresh and invigorated!
Black Spruce is helpful for the skin, especially oily skin types and has a wonderful uplifting aroma.
Cedarwood Virginia is beneficial in treating acne, eczema, greasy hair, oily skin and dandruff.
Sandalwood helps to relax and ease stress with an uplifting aroma. Sandalwood is also beneficial for cracked, chapped skin and acne.
Mint will help to cool and soothe the skin as well as to help with the healing of the skin.
Part of the Penny Price Black Spruce Collection for Men.
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Men's Facial Gift Set

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