Extracted by distillation of the flowering tops, Hyssop is sweet camphoraceous in aroma and subtle warm, herbaceous undertones. Hyssop is calming and may help to maintain a healthy digestive system.
Hyssop | Latin Name: Hyssopus Officinalis | Family: Lamiaceae | Extraction: Distillation | Plant Part: Flowering Tops
Hyssop Essential Oil is a pale yellow-green oil with a sweet camphoraceous aroma and subtle warm, herbaceous undertones.
It's a perennial herb about 60cms high with purple-blue flowers.  The flowering tops of the plant are used to produce the essential oil. There are four main species of but the main oil-producing types H.officinals. H.officinalis var decumbens is less toxic than many other types and is well suited to aromatherapy use. Gratiola officnalis is still used in herbal medicines but actually belongs to an entirely different plant family.

Hyssop Essential Oil

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