Extracted from the wood, stumps and sawdust, the oil has a warm sweet scent with a woody balsamic undertone. Cedarwood Atlas is beneficial for all skin types and helps maintain a healthy circulation.
Cedarwood Atlas | Latin Name: Cedrus Atlantica | Family: Coniferae | Extraction: Distillation | Plant Part: Wood, Sawdust
Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil is a Yellow-orange viscous oil with a warm camphoraceous woody aroma.
This sturdy evergreen tree is a common sight in the Northern Hemisphere. It is pyramid-shaped with a majestic stature, growing up to 40 metres high. The wood itself is strongly aromatic due to its high percentage of Essential Oil.  The essential oil is distilled from the wood and has a slight turpentine odour.  There are many varieties of cedars and care must be taken to buy the oil with the above Latin name, as some others are less gentle.

Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil

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