Extracted from the dried, crushed black peppercorns by steam distillation. Black pepper has a fresh, warm, spicy scent and is helpful for everyday aches and pains, and can help warm and relax the body.
Balck Pepper | Latin Name: Piper Nigrum | Family: Piperaceae | Extraction: Distillation | Plant Part: Shrub, Fruit
An Essential Oil with a very sharp and spicy aroma with a clear to slightly yellow colouring.
This plant bearing white flowers, red fruits and dark green leaves with climbing vines that look similar to a shrub. It grows over twenty feet tall often needing support, however, it is mostly cultivated to twelve feet. The essential oil is derived from black pepper not white since the yield of oil is greater and the scent stronger. It is mainly obtained from Singapore, India and Malaysia.

Black Pepper Essential Oil

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